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T-Shirt & Memory Quilts

There are many different styles and looks to choose from!  Here are the two basic and most requested t-shirt quilt layout options:


For traditional T-Shirt blocks (all cut the same size) using adult size T-shirts, we recommend 16” finished blocks  as this usually captures the entire design on the T-shirt.  A 4×4 block design will give you approximately a 65” x 65” quilt, which is a great lap size quilt.  You will need 16 shirts per quilt.  The T-shirt blocks will be cut and sewn edge-to-edge and the quilt binding (outside quilt edge/finish) will be sewn directly onto the outer edge of the T-shirts.

This will be the basic layout for a 4×4:

Price:  $350/quilt



The second layout option is to frame the T-Shirt blocks.  It’s Layout Option A with the addition of sashing around each block.  This will produce a slightly larger quilt, but the blocks will have a cleaner, more defined edge.  The finished quilt size will be dependent upon the thickness of the sashing.  For example, if we used a 2.5” cut sashing (2.0” finished), the finished quilt size would be approximately a 75” x 75” quilt, which is considered a large lap size quilt.  You will need 16 shirts per quilt.  The T-shirt blocks will be cut, sashing will be sewn in-between each block, and the quilt binding (outside quilt edge/finish) will be sewn onto the outer sashing of the quilt top rather than directly onto the T-shirts.  (See picture below.)  We can adjust the size of the sashing to find the best look for your quilts.

Price:  $450/quilt






Collage Quilts & Other Layouts

Layout Options A & B are the two most popular layouts for T-shirt quilts, but there are others.  We have all the block cutting templates to do the collage quilts as well, but due to the complexity of these layouts, each collage quilt is custom designed based on the t-shirts provided and are priced on a case by case basis. 








Memory Quilts Using Dress Shirts and Other Garments

Shirt backs of button-down dress shirts can easily be cut into quilt squares.  As long as we can get a nice flat square of fabric, we should be able to stabilize the material (if necessary) and create quilting fabric squares.  All quilts will be quilted on a longarm quilting machine, so everything must be firmly tacked down and smooth.  We do not recommend including pockets, buttons, beading, or other embellishments that the machine cannot easily stitch through. 


Additions and Special Requests

We are happy to work with you on adjusting the t-shirt count, quilt dimensions, sashing widths, the addition of a border or multiple borders, and anything else that you wish!  Please just let us know!


Helpful Tips When Preparing Your Garments for Us

  • When selecting your garments, we recommend putting similar materials together for even sewing, wear, and laundering.  For example, you might think about all flannels in one quilt and all cotton button-down shirts in another.
  • When selecting garments for multiple quilts, lay the shirts out and group what shirts you want to put into each quilt.  If you’re having trouble deciding, you can bring them all to us and we can help you!
  • Make sure all garments are clean and ready for us to work with!
  • Check garments for holes, snags, rips, and tears in the fabric.  If there’s a hole in the area of fabric that will be cut and pieced into the quilt, we more than likely cannot use it.
  • We have a strict quilting process start-to-finish to ensure that each quilt finishes out beautifully.  Unfortunately we won’t be able to include any pre-cut or pre-fused pieces into your quilts.
  • Always feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns about your garments.  We are here to help with the process, if needed!


Thank you so much for entrusting your keepsakes with Thimble Full of Stars!  We look forward to sewing your beautiful memory quilt for you!