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Fractured Star

Lone Star Quiltworks quilt shop, a lovely shop in Bryan, Texas, was offering a Judy Niemeyer Fractured Star Quiltworx Pattern class with Certified Instructor Jan Mathews and I couldn’t resist! 

Fractured Star is more of a “beginner” Judy Niemeyer pattern and is a great introduction to the Quiltworx paper piecing patterns and techniques, if you are interested in the delving into the wonderful world of Judy Niemeyer!  The pattern was introduced in 2017, offering minimal cutting requirements with the use of 2.5″ strips, no pesky “Y” seams (if you can follow the directions), and the entire quilt can be taught over the the course of day! 

Judy Niemeyer patterns are taught by Certified Quiltworx instructors that are trained to her pattern formats and designs.  They make going through the instructions a breeze, which if you’ve never encountered a Quiltworx pattern before, might be difficult on your first time out.  I highly recommend taking a class from an instructor – it is so well worth it.  And I highly recommend giving a Judy Niemeyer Quiltworx pattern a try!  (You might get hooked, they’re pretty amazing!)

Certified teachers travel and teach classes all around!  If you’re looking for a Certified Quiltworx Instructor and shop here in the Texas Hill Country, check out Holly Dee Quilts in Luling, Texas!  They keep a collection of great patterns in stock and you can usually find Denise Green there available to help you with any questions that you may have.  Among her many quilting talents, she is also a Certified Instructor!

My Fractured Star Quilt:

I LOVE color.  And I had just found this great Harmony Color Collection jelly roll by Quilting Treasure’s Fabrics that I couldn’t wait to use.  So, I decided that I wanted to make a “color wheel” of sorts with my Fractured Star pattern and I began laying out my basic color design with the strips I had available in the jelly roll. 

I did encounter a few minor hiccups along the journey:

  • It worked out so perfectly that there was a dark, medium and light of each of the vibrant colors for the outer star points.  But then for the inner star points, MOST of the colors had a light and and an ultra light of each of the colors, but not all of them.  For some reason, QT did not make two for every color, which threw my plan off a bit.  My workaround was incorporating a QT Harmony Collection “Vanilla” as the center-most inner star points.  This “white” also brought the focal point to the center of the quilt, which provided a nice balance of all the bright colors.
  • I wanted the Fractured Star to be the focal point of the quilt.  When selecting fabric for the pieced border, all the Harmony Collection that I was pulling from was COLOR.  I had to go outside of the Harmony Collection to find it, but I was able to pull a complementary black and white printed fabric that went beautifully with the collection.
  • Another issue that I encountered was at assembly.  I felt that the colors in the wheel divided the quilt a bit – putting all the darker colors on one side and all the lighter colors on the other.  But, I didn’t want to stray from the traditional look of the “color wheel.”  So, to balance the light and the dark, I swapped the dark blue and light blue sections, pulling in more light between the dark purple and dark blue sections, but still maintaining the look of the color wheel.
  • Lastly, I had a little bit of fun attaching my borders.  The pattern was going together beautifully.  I didn’t realize until the final steps that I had sewn it together in four SQUARE quadrants instead of four PIE SHAPED quadrants.  There was no alarm, except that I had set myself up beautifully for Y-seam borders!!  But, with a little patience, they sewed together and the quilt was complete!


This quilt was really a lot of fun to work on!  After I made mine, I taught my Mom how to make her own, which also turned out amazing!  Honestly, I have seen quite a few of these quilts completed now and they are all just fantastic!  It’s really a great quilt!!