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Written in the Stars

Livin’ the Keto Dream with Cheeseburger Casserole!

This recipe was thankfully found by my husband when he was put in charge of dinner one evening.  My hubby stumbled onto this keto recipe post from Buns In My Oven while on a “keto casserole” search and decided to give it a try, since we had all of the required ingredients on-hand. 

I made some ever-so-slight modifications to the ingredient list, mostly adding brand-specifics, and I modified the basic instructions a little to fit my cooking style. 

We were pleasantly surprised at just how tasty and keto-friendly this recipe really is.  We both agreed over a second serving that we would definitely be making this cheeseburger casserole again!!  It’s a great weeknight meal, fast and easy to prepare, with affordable ingredients.  And, if you like pickles on your cheeseburger, you’re going to love that sprinkle of dill on top! 

What a hit!