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Written in the Stars

Quilty Box Subscriber Spotlight: Full Interview

It was a pleasant surprise when Quilty Box contacted me about being featured in one of the subscriber spotlights in their Bundles of Inspiration magazine.  Upon acceptance, they sent me a list of questions for me to answer in order for them to get to know me a little better for the write-up.  I actually had a lot of fun answering their questions and thought I would share my Q&A with those interested in getting to know me.


Quilty Box Subscriber Spotlight Q&A

How long have you been a subscriber?

I received my first Quilty Box in March of 2018, featuring Elizabeth Hartman and her new Terrarium for Robert Kaufman Fabrics collection.  That first box was all it took and I was smitten with Quilty Box.

What has been your favorite box?

The March 2018 box with Elizabeth Hartman was just so creatively curated.  Clearly, serious thought was put into the collection of components as the fabric, thread, pattern, and extra goodies all went together so nicely.  In addition, I truly love Elizabeth Hartman’s imagination and her patterns are just as cute as can be!  So that, mixed with the anticipation of receiving my very first Quilty Box, probably ranks it #1 on my list of favorite boxes.  My #2 box is probably the May 2018 box, featuring Violet Craft and her Palm Canyon Collection with Robert Kaufman and her adorable County Seat Quilt Pattern!

What’s your most used notion or tool from Quilty Box?

To be honest, my adoration for “quilty stuff” definitely lies with the patterns and the fabric and the thread.  That’s pretty normal right?  I don’t think most quilters sit around swooning over their rulers, pins, and sewing machine oil.  But, without the right tools, our work would be a monstrous nightmare!  I forget that sometimes, until I suddenly find myself without a sharp rotary blade, or out of Best Press, or short on pins, or without some other necessity that makes my life function.  So, even though they aren’t as exciting as new patterns and fabric, “there’s gold in them thar tools!” 

With that, every tool has its purpose, so even if I don’t need it that often, when the time comes, it’s important that I have the right tool for the job!  I’ve found That Purple Thang (from March 2018) and the EverSewn Thread Snips (from May 2018) to be quite useful, among many of the other handy notions that Quilty Box has delivered to my sewing room.  My #1 most utilized tool is the Olfa Rotary Cutter (from April 2018).  I have several, but between my sewing room and my travel bag, it never hurts to have another on-hand, with plenty of replacement blades, because I’m always cutting fabric!

How many quilts have you made? 

I quilt full time, so that’s a hard question to answer.  I always have at least one quilt in progress, if not multiple.  Between the one’s I can think of and the one’s I can easily see in my sewing room, I would say close to 30.  That’s counting completely finished quilts (quilted and bound) and completed tops with sewn backings and prepared bindings that are ready to be quilted.

When did you discover your love of quilting/fabric?

From as far back as I can remember, I have always loved quilts.  There was always such as reverence for all that went into them and for who made them.  Growing up, we had a few quilts in the home, but no one to really teach me anything about how sew a quilt or what it really took to put one together. 

It wasn’t until I was grown and on my own that I pursued quilting on my own, an experience that opened me to an entire world that I didn’t even knew existed!  Not only did I discover a passion for quilting, but for fabric and design and art!  I look at quilts differently now that I did before – now to me they are all works of art.  And I am continually amazed at the beauty and the talent that I see of other quilters in the world.  It is so inspiring! 

Any favorite fabric designers?

Favorite fabric designers?  I have quite a few!  I love several of the designers affiliated with FreeSpirit – Tula Pink, Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Joel Dewberry, and Laura Heine.  I also really enjoy the bold and beautiful colors of Alison Glass, the funky creativity of Libs Elliott, Alexander Henry’s crazy creations, and Jen Kingwell’s collections, as well.

How did you learn to sew? Who taught you?

So, I never really knew how to sew until several years ago.  In Texas, our job market can rely pretty heavily on the oil and gas market, especially when your career is centered on it.  Several years ago, the market was in a downturn and I was pursuing a new contract.  For sake of my sheer sanity, I drug my mom’s sewing machine out of her closet and decided I was going to “quilt something” (just like that).  I followed the numbered steps on the machine and managed to thread the needle.  “See!?  How hard could it be?”  And then I broke the needle as soon as I started my first practice stitch and thought I had killed the machine. 

I picked up the phone and called the nearest local quilt store and explained my situation and my serious need of assistance.  They provided me with some greatly needed TLC, a pack of new machine needles, and a lesson or two on how to sew!  And I never looked back.  I’ve been sewing ever since.  When people say “quilting is my therapy,” I really do understand that.  It was totally mine.  I started quilting because I needed something for myself, besides reading every book in the house.  Now I couldn’t imagine my life without it!

What do you do with your old Quilty Boxes?

I work pretty hard to keep my sewing space tidy and organized.  All my fabric, tools, patterns, books, notions, etc. have a place.  So, when my Quilt Boxes are empty, I make sure they are recycled with all the other recyclable materials in our household.  I love repurposing and reusing things when I can, though!  If there was an affordable way to return them for reuse, or something like that, I would gladly participate! 

Any fun things you’d like to share? Hobbies, family life, pets, etc!

Fun Stuff About Me:

I’m a list maker, so in the spirit of lists, here’s a little about me:

  • My husband and I are both originally from Houston, Texas.  We now happily reside in New Braunfels, Texas.
  • My husband and I met after graduation, but we are both proud members of the Fightin’ Texas Aggies!
  • I was married in a 700 year old church in Ireland that was founded by my husband’s 17th Great Grandfather.
  • I am mom to a Beagle that spends his days snoozing in a cozy corner of my sewing room.
  • In addition to quilting, I also stitch – mostly cross-stitching, though I am beginning to learn other forms, such as needlepoint, candlewicking, hand embroidery, and other styles.
  • I am a trained chef.  After college, I attended the Texas Culinary Academy and obtained an Associates of Science in Culinary Arts.  Oddly, I had a lot of people ask me if I wanted to be on TV.  It was purely a personal ambition that I wanted for myself and for my family.
  • I have an incredible love for animals!  We cannot take a trip anywhere without me wanting to visit the zoo! 
  • I love the outdoors!  One of my most favorite things to do outdoors is to go fishing.
  • I also love color, experiencing different cultures, traveling, music and trying new things!

Who would you like to see as a future curator?

I really just love creativity and innovation.  I think that’s why designers like Tula Pink with her bright colors and her fun and creative fabric designs really appeal to me.  I also enjoy the fun themed fabrics that Riley Blake Designs have started creating like the Tootsie Roll, Crayola, FFA, and Girl Scouts licensed products. 

Thinking a little more imaginatively, I think it would be fun to see a designer mash-up.  Like for instance, Tula Pink and Angela Walters often work together, so I think it would be fun to see their collaborative efforts on a Quilty Box for a unique subscriber product.

Having an extensive appreciation for music, I was really excited to learn that Kelly Clarkson recently made personalized quilts for her co-stars on “The Voice.”  When I think of her music and quilting, I want to pair it with Libs Elliott’s new Mixtape collection.  Maybe we could get a Clarkson—Elliott Mash-up!?


The QuiltyBox’s Subscriber Spotlight article featured a full page write-up from our interview, followed by a full page picture of my Aurora Quilt done in Tula Pink fabrics.  Click HERE to check out the quilt!