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Written in the Stars

A White Ribbon for the Honey Bees


The Results are In!

The results from the Ugly Fabric Quilt Contest at the Uptown Blanco Textile Studio are IN!  Out of the 18 quilt entries, the Honey Bee Quilt took home 3rd Place!

Judged by local shoppers and quilt hoppers, it’s a fun and inspiring contest.  It’s always a joy participating in the local/community events.


The Honey Bee Quilt Makes the News

Bzzzzzz Mini Quilt pattern, just one of the fun patterns incorporated into the making of this quilt, was created by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill of Whole Circle Studio.  Sheri comments that she designs and makes quilts because she wants to enhance people’s lives through beautiful and meaningful designs and that she loves empowering and inspiring others to enjoy the process of making.  In that, she puts out a newsletter called Three Things Thursday to share fun things that others have created from her own patterns and designs. 

This week, she included the Honey Bee Quilt in her newsletter along with the following:

Jackie Fitzgerald combined all of her favorite bee inspired patterns to make one large quilt.  How much fun!  Who says a quilt has to be from just one pattern?

Along with my Bzzzzzz Mini Quilt pattern, Jackie let me know that she used the following patterns to make the quilt: Glimmer by JayBird Quilts, Tumbling Blocks FPP pattern by Quilters Cache, Honey Bee FPP block by Piece by Number, Ombre Honeycombs based off of Lucky Charm pattern by JayBird Quilts and Sunflower Fields forever from Down This Country Road by One Sister Design.

To see more pictures and to read more about the Honey Bee Quilt, click HERE.


A Note from Me, the Creator

It was so awesome that Sheri mentioned me and my honey bee creation in her newsletter!  What a neat project to be involved in!  I got an opportunity to make whatever I wanted to and to just see where it went!  We don’t always get to do that when we’re quilting.  The opportunity was really inspiring and I’m glad I got to participate and to share my creation!


More About Whole Circle Studio

Be sure to check out Whole Circle Studio and Sheri’s awesome collection of patterns and other creative items from her shop.  (I just had to get a bzzzzzz pin for my Honey Bee Quilt!!)