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Written in the Stars

What’s in Your Pin Cushion?

Other quilters ask me about my pin cushion a lot.  So, since I was restocking some of my pins today, I thought I would share some info about it!

I’ll start with my most favorite thing — the pin cushion itself.  The Original Ewesful Pincushion from Brush Hollow Studios.  It’s made of wool and wrapped in raw fleece and lanolin that keeps my pins gliding and sharp!  They cushions are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes – all beautifully dyed.  Visit the Brush Hollow Studio for all their Ewesful products!  

Next are my most used pins:  Clover Q2509 Fine Quilting Pins.  These are wonderful pins for quilting!  They’re the perfect length, the metal doesn’t flake with use over time, they’re heat resistant, and they’re thin so they bend or break before they cause any real trouble, so they’re perfect for pinning and sewing over!!  There are 100 count of 0.5 mm x 48 mm pins in each box.

Then, I have some flat Clover Flower Head Pins for when I need them (I can lay my ruler over the flower heads, for example, and for the most part, they don’t interfere) and some stronger/thicker post pins that I only need when I’m pinning the tough stuff (like sometimes when I’m sewing bags). 

Lastly, there are the numbered pins around the outside of the cushion.  I’m always getting questions about these pins, too!  They are Marilee’s Numbered Flat Head Quilt Pins.  I use these pins for organizing quilt blocks, cutting fabric, paper piecing, etc.  Each box contains 130 pins (total) and the numbers go from 1 to 20. 

Happy sewing! ❤️


  • December 19, 2018


    I like the way you organized your numbered pins. Clearly visible and easily accessible.