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About the Creator

About the Creator

In a Nutshell I’m a Texas girl, born and raised, and lived here all my life. I’m an Aggie, with a Bachelor’s in Bioenvironmental Sciences from Texas A&M University. I’m a Chef, with an Associates in Culinary Arts from the Le Cordon Bleu Texas Culinary Academy.  I love my church and community, animals, books (real ones, with spines and pages), traveling, camping, the outdoors, the theatre, music, movies, art photography, planning (anything), organization, volunteering my time (especially to my church), and all things sewing and quilting!

Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.

A Success Story:  My First Quilt and My Introduction to Sewing Always an admirer, I had never actually touched a sewing machine.  A friend was having a baby and I decided that welcoming her little one with a handmade baby quilt would be the perfect gift for the shower.  So, I unearthed my mom’s sewing machine from the hall closet and realized that I didn’t even know how to thread the needle!  Feeling a bit overwhelmed, but determined, I took the machine down to my local quilt shop and got a quick lesson on how to operate it along with a few sewing and quilting basics.  I purchased some material and some cutting supplies and off I went!  I was so nervous about cutting the material, measuring repeatedly before finally making my first cut.  With direction, I went through all the steps, eventually completing my first baby quilt from start to finish.  It turned out amazing, complete with some added decorative stitching of the baby’s initials on the binding.  The feeling of gifting something handmade and personalized was so special to me!  And, everyone loved it!  That quilt sparked an amazing journey that I never knew was possible.

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